Top Ten Music List

Top Ten Groups
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Frank Zappa
Big Black
Alien Ant Farm
Sonic Youth
Such A Surge

Top Ten Discs
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CDs seen as an over-all-piece of art. So it may vary from the Artists

Make A Jazz Noise Here (Frank Zappa)
Broadway The Hard Way (Frank Zappa)
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (GlassJaw)
Worship And Tribute (GlassJaw)
Goo (Sonic Youth)
Ideas Above Our Station (Hundred Reasons)
In Search Of... (N*E*R*D)
Glee (Bran Van 3000)
Ill Communication (Beastie Boys)
Songs For The Deaf (Queens Of The Stone Age)

Top Ten Songs
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I Miss You (Blink 182)
Pavement Saw (Big Black)
Paris In Flames (Thursday)
Ring Ring Ring (De La Soul)
Back To School (Deftones)
Play Dead (Björk)
All I need (Air)
Pretty Lush (GlassJaw)
Mu Empire (GlassJaw)
Ry Ry's Song (GlassJaw)
Trailer Park Jesus (Glassjaw)

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